This Vending Machine Dispenses Drinks According To Your Stress Level

What we drink and eat depends a whole lot on our mood and how we’re feeling at the moment. For instance, nothing calms down a stressed out person better than a bottle of chilled soda and there is nothing better than a caffeine-induced beverage to get a sleepy head or an overworked being going. WhatIf Drinks tapped on this very temperament of picking out drinks based on stress, anxiety, and/or exhaustion levels and set up a revolutionary vending machine St. Xaviers College, Mumbai.

The beverage-dispensing machine not only dispensing chilled drinks but also it measures your level of stress, relaxes you, and gives you something to drink based on your relaxation level. Yes, the WhatIf Vending Machine is from the future.

This Vending Machine Dispenses Drinks According To Your Stress LevelImage: Webstagram

With the help of a band that the consumer must wear around their head in order to have their level of stress measured, the vending machine asks them to do certain activities like laughing, singing, etc to calm down and lower the level of stress. The main idea behind the campaign is to bring to light just how stressed people between the ages of 22-25 are. According to the ad, “In India, 65 per cent youth between 22-25 years show early signs of high stress level”. Reasons behind this vary from college pressure to work strain, which majorly leads to sleep depravation, anxiety, and stress.

This campaign-cum-activity is an interesting – and much-needed – wake up call for everyone who has forgotten to calm down in the madness of their daily life. Take a look at the ad campaign below.

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Feature Image: Webstagram