Vegetarian Only Option Made Available For Hotel Management Students For Practical Exams

Vegetarian Only Option Made Available For Hotel Management Students For Practical Exams

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, the hotel management students have been given an option to make ‘vegetarian only’ dishes during their practical examinations. While the overall course and learning remains the same, the students can avail this new options and there are already 156 of them who have opted for it. The decision has been taken by the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT).

Vegetarian Cooking In Exams

“Today, the youth is moving towards a healthy lifestyle and choosing to give up on meat and seafood altogether. This move by the council will come in handy to all those who have found it difficult to handle meat,” said Marie Fernandes, principal of St Andrew’s College, Bandra while speaking to the Hindustan Times. However she did also mention that there were no students in her college to opt for this feature. On the other hand students from Bhopal (23), Gandhinagar (22), Gwalior (21), Jaipur (16), Chandigarh (10) and Mumbai (8) have chosen this option.

“None of the hospitality institutes slaughter animals on campus and neither do we force students to taste the food. Also, the theory remains the same so students will eventually have to study all course material,” Chef Kaviraj at Dadar’s Kohinoor Catering College told the publication. At this college, not a single student has opted for a ‘vegetarian only’ practical exam. “Fewer students will choose for the vegetarian only option as there will be no separate kitchen or course material made available for it. Students who wish to start their own venture after graduation might benefit from it as options of vegetarian-only restaurants offering internships to graduates is less these days,” AK Singh, Principal at the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Dadar told the Hindustan Times.