Vegetable Prices Slashed As Supply Increases

As winter approaches, vegetable prices are dropping drastically all over the country. Potato, onion and tomatoes, the main ingredients in any household kitchen, has been sliced in half in the past week with an increase in prices not in the forecast for the near future.  

Speaking to Economic Times, Jagadish Rao, business head of Mother Dairy which supplies vegetables to Mumbai and Bengaluru, said, “Over the past week, there has been a crash in prices. It’s a very good time to eat vegetables with cauliflower, radish, spinach, fenugreek, potato and sarson selling for less than 20 a kg.” The vegetable prices will remain the same until February with an increase in supply of vegetables. 


Most street vendors have been selling their vegetables at a low markup to compete with wholesale markets and other suppliers. “Every day, I am revising the prices as there is a daily fall. Demand for potato, onion and tomatoes have increased followed by carrot, cauliflower and spinach,” said Radhe Kumar, a street vendor in Delhi. 

The increase in the supply of even exotic vegetables such as mushrooms and broccoli have contributed to the fall in prices. Mushrooms and baby corns used to have higher markup in prices, costing around Rs.100 for 300 grams. The prices have been cut in half with 300 grams going for Rs.50.