Veganuary Has Spawned An All-Vegan Jackfruit Pizza From Pizza Hut

Veganuary is here, and while most New Year Resolutions end up in the can by the end of Jan, chain restaurants offering up vegan options have been on the rise busy trying to crack the vegan market. Now, Pizza Hut UK has spawned an all-vegan Jackfruit Pizza, and it certainly sounds interesting.

-The Jack ‘n’ Ch**se was launched on January 1st by Pizza Hut UK and consists of BBQ jackfruit, dairy-free cheese, tomato sauce, sweetcorn, red onion, peppers, and a BBQ drizzle. Since none of the ingredients sound too ‘over the top’ this pizza may come as a pleasant surprise to vegans and flexitarians in the country.

In fact, if you’re a vegan (and a fan of BBQ jackfruit) you could ensure that the Jack ‘n’ Ch**se stays on the menu permanently, as Pizza Hut mentioned that they “installed a Vegan-o-meter to track vegan demand. If 10,000 people order a Vegan Pizza, we’ll add it to our menu as a permanent item.” 

So, if you want BBQ Jackfruit on your pizza all the year long, and not just during veganuary, then order up – even if it is only to mug off Piers Morgan!