Vegan Recipes on Smartphone: Best Apps to Download

With veganism increasing in popularity world over, India included, it is no surprise that vegan recipes are highly sought after. At the same time, these are not always easy to find, especially while on the go. Recipes on smartphone devices are available, though, when you need them.

That is where mobile apps offering mouth-watering vegan recipes on smartphones are really making a difference.

Accordingly, in this article, we share some of the finest vegan recipe apps that you can easily download to prepare a variety of vegan dishes to your heart’s content.

vegan recipes on smartphone devices

VegMenu: Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

VegMenu is a nifty app completely dedicated to vegetarian recipes. Among those, it has plenty of recipes that are completely vegan. There is no use of any dietary animal products whatsoever.

The focus here is on Italian cuisine, clearly one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Within that, to have easy access to vegan recipes is no doubt a joy for many!

On VegMenu, we really like the imagery accompanying each recipe, which makes cooking up lip-smacking vegan dishes even more fun and easy. Also, adequate nutritional information provided alongside ensures that we keep calorie intake in mind. VegMenu interestingly offers recipes for various occasions like Christmas or New Year’s, or perhaps a Romantic Dinner among others.

Vegan Recipes on Smartphone: Best Apps to Download
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Veganized – Vegan Recipes and More

Another powerful vegan recipes app is Veganized – completely dedicated to the vegan lifestyle. Irrespective of whether you are just starting off as a rookie vegan or have been a practising one for eons, this is an app you are quite likely to take to.

Besides the recipes themselves, we like how planning for vegan cooking becomes a lot easier with all the guidance you receive for vegan grocery shopping. Moreover, Veganized clearly functions as a vegan community where you not only get to view vegan recipes but also share your own vegan recipes with others on the app. You can interact with them, as well!

To date, there are more than 300 unique vegan recipes on Veganized, with more being added on an on-going basis.

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Top Vegan Recipes

Top Vegan Recipes is a great smartphone app for an extensive variety of vegan recipes that can be prepared with enormous ease. The highlight of this app is clearly the effort that has gone into curating such a wide variety of vegan recipes from across the world.

Further, every recipe on Top Vegan Recipes is explained with great detail, which makes cooking that much easier. For example, if you do not find a particular ingredient around you, the app suggests alternatives that you could use to equal measure.

Together with the vivid accompanying pictures, if there is one vegan recipes smartphone app that is clearly a must to download, then it has to be Top Vegan Recipes!

Vegan Recipes on Smartphone: Best Apps to Download
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Vegan Recipes

For our Apple iOS fans, we highly recommend downloading Vegan Recipes on the App Store. Among the variety of vegan recipe apps available on the App Store, this app clearly stands out for a number of reasons, which include the following.

  • A wide variety of vegan recipes (we are talking 100s here!)
  • Clear, step-by-step cooking instructions laced with vivid photographs
  • Easy search functionality within the Recipes Library
  • Interesting Vegan Quizzes
  • Easy to share Favourite Vegan Recipes with your circle
  • New Vegan Tips offered Daily

Note: Some of the features listed above are only available when you avail a paid subscription on the app, which is available on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Vegan Recipes on Smartphone: Best Apps to Download
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3500+ Vegan Recipes

A monstrosity of vegan recipes awaits you on 3500+ vegan recipes! Perhaps no other smartphone app for vegan recipes comes close to this one in terms of sheer variety.

We especially like the categories, under which vegan recipes are offered on this app, including the following.

  • The way you cook, stir fry, roast, bake, boil, and more
  • Whether you would prefer spicy, tangy, sour, or sweet vegan recipes
  • The kind of meal they are meant for including, Starters, Main Course, Entrée, Desserts, and much more

Besides reading through vivid textual descriptions of vegan recipes, this app also offers the unique ability to listen to them, making food preparation that much easier.

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Above we have shared some of the best apps to download on your smartphone for truly mouth-watering vegan recipes.

Go ahead and figure out which one meets your requirements the best!