VBev Launches JIANGXIAOBAI Pure, The First Baijiu, in India

VBev, a dynamic company engaged in the Import, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of International Wines, Spirits and Beer brings to India the first and only premium Baijiu – JIANGXIAOBAI Pure. Setting itself apart from other traditional Chinese spirits, JIANGXIAOBAI has subverted the stereotype of Chinese baijiu and braced a young and creative energy. In China, JIANGXIAOBAI has risen to be the most popular domestic baijiu brand among young adults, allowing baijiu to once again be favoured by the young generation.

JIANGXIAOBAI’s traditionally crafted local spirits have realized the brand’s proclaimed “Renaissance of the Old Flavor”. JIANGXIAOBAI’s spirits are distilled at Jiangji Distillery located directly on the banks of the Yangtze River. Baisha, part of Chongqing, lies far from the city and boasts its own ancient terroir, fertile soil and a long history of liquor-making. Traditional craftsmanship meets innovative and modern distillation techniques. The distillery’s unique selenium-rich soil is planted with a large amount of high-quality sorghum, and all the sorghum produced is used for the spirit production. In order to provide consumers with a deeper understanding of Chinese alcohol culture, Jiangji Farm also offers special experience projects to explain the challenges and hard work behind spirit production.

Zoe Fu, Director of International Business, Jiangxiaobai added: “We’re excited to be partnering with VBev as we focus our efforts in this key growth market. India is a young country and baijiu is perfectly suited for that demographic. In the past two years, Jiangxiaobai has forayed into more than 24 countries all over the world. Jiangxiaobai’s official product launch in India consolidates the brand’s mission and marks a significant milestone in the internationalization process of Chinese liquor culture. Jiangxiaobai hopes to popularize the new face of Chinese baijiu and use baijiu as a medium to deepen cultural exchange between China and India. We intend to build the category for Baijiu in India as well as educate people about Jiangxiaobai’s versatility as a white spirit through trainings, tastings, events and activations. For that we have appointed Ms. Rojita Tiwari as the Brand
Ambassador and Brand Manager and Mr. Leonard Menezes as our India Business Head”.

Sumedh Singh Mandla, Chief Executive Officer, VBev said: “We are delighted to introduce Jiangxiaobai Pure, the first and the most premium Baijiu in India. We believe this segment offers great promise as the imported white spirits category is showing a strong growth and also the Cocktail culture is evolving. Jiangxiaobai has been responsible for changing the perception of Baijiu on the global market by marrying Chinese traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation to create a light and smooth premium spirit. Its unique flavour profile makes it a great base for Cocktails. We will closely work with the bartending community to position Jiangxiaobai Pure among the other premium white spirits. We have started building an organic distribution across the key markets; with top focus on high energy bars and fine dining Chinese restaurants.”