The Vaya Tyffyn Is The Lunchbox Of Your Dreams

Eating home food is without a doubt, one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you’re in school or college or a working individual, it’s one of the few things in life that completes your day. Home food is always comforting and it boosts the mood and the morale during the day. Over the years, lunch dabbas have always accompanied us to school or on trips, filled to the brim with all of our favourite items whether it be rice, sambar or a curry of some kind. The dabbas keep the food warm so that when you do sit down to eat the meal, it’s still tasty and just like how it would be when cooked and served at home.

Vaya has launched something that will change the way we pack and use our dabbas. Meet the Vaya Tyffyn. It is a vaccum insulated container that is not only neat and tidy, but also keeps the food warm for almost 4-5 hours. And if that’s not enough, it will also keep the food fresh! So if you’re packing in cut vegetables as a salad or cut fruits as a salad, the Tyffyn will keep them crisp and tasty so that when you open it as a snack or a for a meal, it is still delicious and exactly what you packed that morning is still waiting for you in the box.


The Vaya Tyffyn 600ml is a two container, vacuum insulated lunch box. And it’s not just any ordinary lunch box, it is stylish and compact and will fit into almost any bag that you wish to carry with you to work or school. Plus, the tiffin box section comes with dividers that you can insert or remove based on what you are serving at the time. The oval shape is not entirely unique, but it’s the design and the thin walls that provides an advanced benefit to the product and the food that it will contain.

One of the great things about the Tyffyn is that it fits any setting, whether you’re in a public setting like school or work, or if you’re in a romantic setting, like a picnic for two or even if you’re just eating alone in front of the television, it works just fine.


A constant struggle with lunch dabbas and tiffin boxes is that when you pack dal or sambar or a gravy in with the rest of the food, everything leaks out at some point due to the jostling of the bag of running or just accidentally swinging the bag the wrong way. The Tyffyn containers are leak proof so this problem is automatically eradicated. You never have to worry about opening your Tyffyn and finding all of your gravy or sauce exploding onto your clothes when you sit down to eat your meal.

The Tyffyn is available in two sizes, depending on how much you wish to pack at any given time. There’s the 1000 ml Tyffyn which has three inner containers, and the 600 ml Tyffyn with two inner containers. The features of both are the same, with the obvious change in how much the containers can hold.

Product Details

Height: 13 cms

Volume: 600 ml

Price: ₹1,990

Colours: Graphite, Maple, Wool

Material used for outer shell: Stainless Steel with internal copper lining

Material used for inner container: Copper finished stainless steel

FDA approved BPA-free plastic is used for the lid base, lids and handle.

One year warranty.

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