Vanessa Hudgens’ Oscar Night Secret Is Supremely Relatable!

Among the many suave gentlemen and gorgeous ladies who slayed it at the red carpet of Elton John’s 25th annual AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party, Vanessa Hudgens was one. The actress looked like a million bucks in a gorgeous white Kristian Aadnevik number. Hudgens left no stone unturned to look like a sultry goddess in that high-slit ensemble complete with heavily dramatic cat eyes. But despite all that glam, the High School Musical star stayed in touch with her human self. Here’s how.

In her red carpet interview, Hudgens gave us a peek into her matching white box clutch, which held all of the actress’ essentials that she would require during the awards night. The 28-year-old actress had packed her iPhone (of course), some gum to stay minty fresh at all times, and a card with her table number. Pretty normal, yes? But here’s he relatable part. In addition to the aforementioned, there was one more essential that the actress had packed – an Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar!Vanessa Hudgens’ Oscar Night Secret Is Supremely Relatable!

She told her interviewer, “I am such a dork, I bring a candy bar because it’s such a long night and there’s nothing better than being able to share candy!” And that is precisely why we love this woman! Not only did she pack a candy bar, she packed THE candy bar of the season!

For the uninitiated, the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar was announced in November and hit store shelves just last month. The bar is made with delicious European Milka chocolate along with a vanilla crème filling that has chunks of Oreo cookie mixed in it. There’s a reason it went to the Oscars!­