Your Valentine will go Mad Over Valentine’s Day Donuts

What’s cuter than normal round donuts? Heart shaped custard filled ones of course. 

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. And what better way to woo your loved one this Valentine’s Day than with Mad Over Donuts special Valentine’s Day treats! 
Mad Over Donuts’ limited edition Valentine’s Day donuts come in a heart-shape. Dig into Chocolate Fantasy; with its dark chocolate ganache filling and rich chocolate ganache buttercream, it is the perfect recipe for a day filled with the goodness of chocolates! For a taste of winter’s favourite fruit, there’s Strawberry Blush – a strawberry rush like no other! Made from white chocolate, strawberry jelly and strawberry buttercream, it’s the best way to enjoy the season’s best. For coffee lovers, Coffee Delight is not to be missed. Bringing together coffee buttercream, crushed coffee beans and rich milk chocolate, it’s a direct way to the heart!
 Featured Image Mad 1-01
Find this adorable bunch at Mad Over Donuts till 17th February 2016.