Vada Pao Is The “Best Thing” Nigella Lawson Has Eaten

It is hard to come by a person who has had and subsequently not liked the classic Indian boiled potato and bun combination that is the vada pao. The street snack is one of the few things that Mumbai, Delhi, and the rest otherwise “competitive” cities would agree on as being truly amazing. And keeping up with that popularity, vada pao has now found a new fan in Nigella Lawson.

You know a food is really good when an Internationally acclaimed culinary expert vouches for it. Lawson was recently visiting Mumbai, where she visited all the places that should be on a true tourist-cum-explorer’s bucket list.

While in the city, the gourmand also treated her palate to a plateful of authentic vada pao. Needless to say, Lawson immediately fell in love with the snack. She even took to Instagram to share her gastronomic joy and went on to term it the best thing she’s eaten in all of 2017! Now that’s saying something.

Lawson completed the meal with some more traditional Marathi preparations like sabudana khichdi and poha. Maybe we’ll see a dash of India in her next literary work.


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