Use This Info Graphic To Educate Yourself On The Complete History Of Sushi

A tale of sushi!

Sushi is fast taking over everyone’s hearts worldwide. However, even though we tend to tell our friends things like “I’ve loved sushi forever”, sushi has only become so popular over the last couple of years. Have you ever wondered how long sushi has actually been around?

The answer: since 3500 BC. That’s right, sushi has been a part of people’s lives since way before electricity was invented. And, here’s another fun fact: sushi in its ancient form didn’t originate in Japan as most people firmly believe, but in Thailand, near the Mekong River.


While we’d love to say that our knowledge of sushi comes from years of study and a relentless pursuit of sushi knowledge, we have to give credit to our new found sushi facts to a handy info graphic made by Domo Daruma, manufacturers of Japanese dolls.

In this helpful info graphic, you can track the history of sushi through the centuries and come to understand how it arrived at your favourite sushi bar.

Now that you know the history of sushi, don’t you want to pay tribute to its years of history and learn how to eat it like a pro? Check out our simple guide to how to eat sushi here!

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