Would You Use A Bath Bomb That Smells Like KFC Fried Chicken?

We recently discovered the real reason why KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter but it doesn’t look like KFC plans on stopping the bomb dropping anytime soon. The fast-food restaurant is now giving out drumstick-shaped fried chicken bath bombs that make you smell exactly like fried chicken.

According to The Independent, KFC partnered with Village Vanguard to produce the bath bombs and is giving away 100 of them every day from now until Nov. 15. To snag one, all users need to do to enter the giveaway is retweet the following tweet from KFC Japan:

Horror of horrors, people are actually retweeting the tweet like mad! Over 18,000 people have already retweeted KFC Japan’s tweet, so people really like this stuff? The thread is full of people talking about how much they want to get the KFC bath bombs (if Google translate is accurate).

Natasha is definitely a bit more on our wavelength, however, we wouldn’t mind giving it a shot in a controlled setting (aka without us actually being the bath). What do you think? Would you try a KFC fried chicken bath bomb?