Usain Bolt Is Opening A Chain Of Restaurants In The UK!

While Usain Bolt may not have gotten the dream finish he imagined in the World Championship this year it hasn’t been all downhill for the sprinting GOAT. The fastest man in the world is planning on opening 14 Tracks & Records shops over the next 5 years.

Tracks & Records which serves jerk pork and burgers was launched in Kingston, Jamaica way back in 2011. According to Caterer magazine the restaurants will offer traditional Jamaican dishes when they open in the UK such as jerk pork, janga soup and pan chicken as well as the athlete’s own creation – burgers a la Usain.

We have to say that the food looks absolutely amazing! Who wouldn’t like a plate of delicious jerk and a cool beer to wash it down with? We wish Bolt would bring his restaurants to the sub-continent (hint hint Bolt, come to India).

Usain Bolt said: “London has always been a special place for me [and this] is giving us the opportunity to share our vision and our culture with you all.” It’s safe to say that Tracks & Records is probably going to be a smash hit in the UK. I mean, who wouldn’t want to miss up an opportunity to sample food from the restaurant of the greatest of all time?