US Customers of TGI Fridays Might Soon Get Food And Alcohol At Their Doorstep

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that TGI Fridays in the US has partnered with Lash, which is a Dallas-based food and alcohol delivery start-up. They are in fact planning to begin testing the service in Dallas and Houston this November and by 2018 they plan to roll it out as a service.

The customers would need to confirm their age as 21 years before placing their food order in the Fridays app by TGI Fridays. Thereafter they can add alcohol for instance a tequila bottle or a 12-pack of beer to their order. The delivery will source the alcohol from the nearest participating liquor store and the food from TGI Fridays and deliver it to the customer according to USA Today.

Not only this, TGI Fridays is also planning to launch an at-home bartending service so that people can have the restaurant experience at home. Customers can choose a bartender on the basis of photo, ratings and comments.