Urban Outfitters Collaborated With That Food Cray To Drop The Hottest Clothing Line

Food themed clothing lines are really hot this year! First KFC and McDonald’s started selling their own merchandise and just recently Taco Bell followed suit. The latest collaboration is between Urban Outfitters and That Food Cray, a food and travel media platform, called ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot, Season 1″ and it looks lit!

The line features five graphic tees and a tote bag and from the looks of this, every foodie fashionista will want to get their hands on them. Hand drawn designs combine with some sassy classy puns which any cheesy person would enjoy (I know I loved them).

That Food Cray co-founder Nicole Fung explained why they chose to incorporate music and food puns into the designs. She wrote, “Nothing brings people together quite like laughs and great food. That Food Cray !!! is all those things rolled into one !!! If you’ve followed us from the beginning, it all began as an Instagram account that drew heavy inspiration from music and hip-hop. It would soon become a huge phenomenon with a passionate community of people sharing tasty AF things and demystifying food from around the world.”

Priced at $34 per tee or $29 for the tote bag, you can shop for the punniest food referenced clothing line at Urban Outfitters online store or in any of their outlets. Happy Shopping!