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UPSC Aspirants Hub Swamped With New Eating Joints


If you know Delhi, you know Rajender Nagar is famous for accommodating hundreds, maybe thousands, of UPSC aspirants who come here from various parts of the country to prepare for this gruelling examination. Over the years, Rajender Nagar has witnessed a rapidly growing and thriving food industry. Catering to a diverse customer base has been one of the driving factors but the confusion arises when students need to pick that ONE restaurant which is easy on the pocket but heavy on the stomach. So, to make your life easier here’s a list of top eating joints that could be your next go-to places!

  1. The Canteen

    This place is literally like a canteen – friendly and easy on the pocket. Country Chicken Sandwich, Chettinad Chicken Dosa and the Kadai Chicken meals are some of their must-tries!
    Cost for two – Rs.450

  2. Wrapss

    This place is a quick fix for anytime munchies. Their momos are yumtastic!
    Cost for two: Rs.350

  3. The Waffle Co.

    This place is perfect for an after-meal dessert craving. Their Nutella Waffle, TWC Special Waffle and Cold Coffee are going to keep you coming back for more!
    Cost for two: Rs.250

  4. JD’s Kitchen

    Looking for an amazing burger place? We have found it for you!
    Cost for two: Rs.350

  5. London Street Kitchen

    If you are looking for some wholesome lip-smacking North Indian meal, this is your stop.
    Cost for two: Rs.600

  6. The Grill Cafe

    This is a tiny café in Old Rajender Nagar famous for its sandwiches. Try the Peri Peri Chicken Sandwich or the Special Club Sandwich.
    Cost for two: Rs.250

  7. Punjabi Chapp Corner

    It’s a match made in heaven for the vegetarians. Their Soya Chaap and Reshmi kebabs are the best sellers.
    Cost for two: Rs.400


Image Source-Zomato