An ‘Unmeltable’ Ice Cream Sandwich Is Driving The Internet Crazy

On 31st July a concerned grandmother, Mary Salter wrote a post on Coles Facebook Page asking them what exactly do they put into their ice-cream sandwich. She did that because four days ago his grandson’s treat broke in half and he threw it in the lawn which Salter expected that the cats or the dogs or the ants would eat but found the ice-cream intact after all these days with not even an ant on it.

“Ice cream has not melted and there the two pieces sit – now I am a little concerned just WHAT is in this ‘treat’ – can you please explain why after 4 days in 26 degree heat on cement it has not melted or nothing has volunteered to eat it ” Salter wrote in her post to Coles. However this is not the first such case. A Walmart ice-cream had not melted in 12-hours leaving a mother from Cincinnati worried.

An 'Unmeltable' Ice Cream Sandwich Is Driving The Internet Crazy

In their response to, Coles spokesperson said that a thickener is added to the cream by the ice-cream maker, “creating a honeycomb-like structure which helps to slow the melting process. When the product starts to melt and liquid evaporates, you are left with what appears as foam.”


Image Courtesy: Global News