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Unlock the secrets of Catholic cuisine as Bombay Vintage presents The Bandra Festive Bazaar by Chef Gracian de’Souza


While Bombay is home to many, its Catholic community is pretty iconic! One can mostly find this Bombay Catholic community living within Hill Road to Mount Mary in Bandra. It’s true that this queen of Suburbs is a melting pot of culture, with a diverse community living within the quaint by lanes boasting of historic dining culture.

Mischievous, charming, irreverent and full of life, the Catholics of Bandra are all of this that manifests in their festive treats as well. The festive season of Christmas is when this community comes together to proudly represent their culinary ancestral heritage that unites them through the common binding factor – “food & drink”. This winter, Bombay Vintage along with Chef Gracian de’Souza present an ode to these communities to serve typically The Bandra Festive Bazaar.

The Bandra Festive Bazaar menu features Small Sharing Plates like Mulligatawny with mutton and lemon, Pulled pork tambrel on home-made hand bread with apple chutney and fried sage, Roast beef sandwich on buttered pav with ros and whisky bacon jam, Prawn tart with kokum and coriander salsa and Semolina dusted tempeiro fried chicken with date chutney and house salad. From Large Sharing Plates choose the Large duck leg kuttandan with confit garlic and shallots alongside a serving of rice or pav, Pomfret Kujit with tempered chilli along with a serving of rice or pav and the Chourico Pulao with fried sausage.

End your meal with the delicious Christmas bread and butter pudding with brandy anglaise and sip on Port Mulled Wine, an all-time Christmas favourite or the Santa’s Flight by Gateway Brewing Company a fresh brew with hints of ginger and roasted malt.

A toast to a meal that’s happy, hearty and unabashedly politically incorrect, the menu features meats of all forms and flavours, this is a take on the festive cuisine that personifies the mischievous, warm and happy life.

Cheers, men! Come over!

Time: 12 noon to 1 am

Contact Number: 022 22880017 or 022 22880019

Address: Bombay Vintage, Opposite Regal Cinema, Indian Mercantile Mansion, Regal Circle, Madame Cama Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400001

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