Unleash Your Inner Artist With These Events At Loft Koramangala This Weekend


Get Artsy With Nature at Loft Koramangala’s Sand Art Terrarium Workshop

Bring together the beauty of nature and art as you create a magical world full of succulent plant in a glass! Amidst the quirky ambiance at Loft Koramangala, artist Meenakshi will help you create this tantalizing terrarium which is sure to enliven your home.

From providing the art supplies to offering a variety of scrumptious meals to gorge on, Loft has you fully covered. All you have to do is come with a curious mind to take home your own version of a beautiful Sand terrarium!

Venue: Loft, Koramangala

Date: 30th March. 2019-Saturday

Time: 11:30 am


Cost: INR 1,500 Book Now

Unleash Your Inner Artist With These Events At Loft Koramangala This Weekend

Unlock Your Inner Artist with Mr. M F Husain’s Horse Painting Party at Loft

Novice artists get ready to learn to step up your inner creativity this Saturday. Revel in the eccentric atmosphere of Loft Koramangala as Snehal Patil teaches you to recreate a masterpiece: M F Hussain’s Horse series. Learn the intricate strokes, classical techniques and blend of colors as Snehal explores the workings of the beautiful painting.

Take home your own outstanding art which you can surely show off on your walls. So, head to Loft where it’s quirky ambiance will serve as inspiration and also indulge in some mouth-watering delicacies while you remake the work of India’s best.

Venue: Loft, Koramangala

 Date: 30th March. 2019-Saturday

 Time: 3 pm

Cost: INR 1,600 Book Now