Unicorn Macarons Are Here And They Are Adorable And Magical


It’s a brand new year and that means we’ve got new food trends to look forward to. But let’s be honest, it would be a tough challenge to out-do what 2016 did with food and all the weird hybrids that graced our screens and our Instagram timelines. But don’t worry, there is definitely a way to make that happen.

What started as a trend in 2016, the unicorn food trend is only getting bigger. We had Unicorn Toast, which was really just an offshoot of the Rainbow Food Trend. Then we had the Unicorn Chocolate thanks to Ritter and it was covered in glitter and made everyone everywhere both happy and worried about actually eating glitter. Then there was the Unicorn Chocolate Bark, which didn’t last as long once the Unicorn Hot Chocolate made an appearance. To those worried about drinking “purple hot chocolate”, it’s not that different from regular hot chocolate! And of course Bangkok launched a Unicorn Cafe that would make Lisa Frank so proud!

All that aside, there are now Unicorn Macarons because everybody needs those in their lives. They look like regular macarons, but they’ve been decorated to look all pretty and tempting and make you stop and stare one or two times. There are many versions of this dessert, some are multi-coloured and covered in sprinkles, others just have unicorn horns or are actually baked in the shape of the mythical creature.

Time to ditch the usual macaron recipe and try something new? Because these will be a hit at almost any party you throw this year and you won’t be sorry! Plus, if you live in Georgia, you can get these unicorn macarons at Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe, because why not?


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