“I understand only three things — films, fitness and food”, Rakul Preet Singh On Her Entrepreneurial Venture


You might remember her as the pretty geek from ‘Yaariyan’ or from the more recent Telugu flick Nannaku Prematho, or a number of other movies and endorsements. Rakul Preet Shingh with her charming smile and bright eyes is a hard face to forget.

The actor has been a part of the Indian film industry for almost eight years now but 2016 is going to be a tad special for Rakul. She has joined the star-studded list of actors-turned-entrepreneurs with a franchise of the gym F45 in Gachibowli.Rakul_Preet_Singh


Business & Fitness

“I understand only three things — films, fitness and food,” says Rakul, adding, “Pradeep, who owns F45, was talking about how they were looking to expand. Since fitness has always been an interest I planned to go ahead with the franchise.

For now at least, I hope that I will continue working here (Hyderabad) so I started the gym too, which is being launched on February 20. The general idea people have of a gym is the one with a treadmill and an elliptical but this is very different, it has ropes and trawlers.”


Adding to the hype around the perked up gym, Rakul also shared a snippet her working out in F45. Have a look.

Rakul, who has a blue belt in Karate, confesses that skipping workout makes her grumpy and lethargic. “I work out every day. My friends say that I became an actress by chance, I should have become a gym trainer. I am the most grumpiest and irritable person if I don’t work out for two days. You cannot have a conversation with me.”


Not A Starver

Talking about her diet and eating habits, Singh says, “I believe in healthy eating and following a balanced diet. As such diet is a very misinterpreted word and sounds like a torture, I try eating homemade food and avoid any form of sweets and fried, packaged food”.

Although a huge fan of gulab jamuns and aloo parathas, the actor has managed to maintain an enviable frame without following crazy diets or starving herself.

She avoids processed and junk foods like biscuits, cakes, pizza, breads and ice creams. Instead, the actor splurges on lots of fruits, veggies and carbohydrates.

Singh prefers a carb-rich diet as she believes that avoiding carbs drains you of energy and reduces your body’s ability to burn fat. She chooses her staple food-grain wheat for roti, coupled with dal and vegetables, which keeps the onset of fatty carbs at bay.

Additionally, these carbs act as the energy givers and supply the body with essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, vitamin B, micro minerals like selenium, zinc, chromium and many other nutrients.1439900059_actress-rakul-preet-singh-still-kick-2-movie

Rakul Preet is a powerhouse of energy and she owes it to her nutriment and fitness. She believes that with the correct diet, jaw dropping results can be attained without taking any kind of supplements.