Uncovered Raw Meat In Carts Makes The Hygiene Of 99 Ranch Market Questionable

Photos clicked and uploaded on social media by a bay area resident of raw meat being handled uncovered and kept on shopping cart made the customers of 99 Ranch Market question the hygiene standards. The pictures shared by Loretto Seto on her Facebook has sure grabbed everyone’s attention.

Unhygienic Meat Storage

Kids can easily get sick. So, my first thought was just to protect other moms and kids out there,” says Seto as she spoke to the correspondents at CBS Sacremento. “It’s just slabs of pork just plopped into the shopping cart and it was being wheeled in through the front door and my first thought was this is absolutely disgusting,” she added. The meat seen in her photos are clearly not the pre-packaged cuts that were being brought in with the help of shopping carts that belonged to Costco which is a store across the street.

Costco told the publication that ever since they became aware of the situation, they have sanitized all of their carts. Reports also say that an investigation is being conducted by the Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health regarding the incident. Further, 99 Ranch Market has said that they have gotten rid of all the meat that was being supplied by Jim’s Farm Market. They also said that they are, “thoroughly investigating the incident. This isn’t anything we typically do. When we send our products out, they are always in a combo bin and wrapped. That’s how it left our facility,” making the giant piles of raw meat in Costco carts even more of a mystery,” they told the Modesto Bee.

Image Source – Loretto Seto