The Ultimate Coachella Recipe List You Need This Season!

It’s Coachella season in the Western Hemisphere and the demand for awesome inventive food has gone up in North America, especially on the Western Coast. Basically, we were right in our opinion to rename the music and art fest to “Foodchella” given all the eating options. And it’s okay if you have a job and responsibilities and couldn’t make it to Coachella, because we’ve put together all the recipes you need to have a mini Coachella at home! Take a look.


  1. Ice Cream Sandwich


  1. Snickerdoodle


  1. Cheesy Bagels


  1. Chicken Biscuit


  1. Garlic Crab Fries


  1. Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Mexican hot dogs


  1. Southwest Burger


  1. Pizza Waffles



  1. Mahi Mahi Tacos


  1. Beignets


  1. Pasta Chips