UberEATS Is Now In Bengaluru And We Are Stoked!

Yesterday a flurry of texts flew out rapidly to let Uber users in Bengaluru know that UberEATS is in business. UberEATS, which has partnered with 300 restaurants in Bengaluru can be accessed by downloading a stand-alone app to get fresh food to your doorstep.

Here to offer some healthy competition to Swiggy and Zomato, UberEATS currently boasts of only a Rs. 1 delivery fee and no minimum order amount which would make it quite appealing to Bangaloreans.

Vartika Bansal has been appointed as the General Manager for UberEATS in Bengaluru. Vartika joined Uber in May 2017 as the General Manager for UberEATS, Bengaluru. In this role, she will be focussing on partnering with and driving value for restaurants and delivery partners and enhancing the customer experience.

UberEATS Is Now In Bengaluru And We Are Stoked!

Some of the special features available on the app are:

Curation & Specialisation – This feature allows users to view food photos and search cuisines while suggesting appropriate restaurants to the users. The suggestions are also based on the user’s past orders and current contextual information.

Scheduled Orders – UberEATs offers consumers the capability to schedule an order ahead of time. Consumers can order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window, and as far as a week in advance.

Customise drop-off – Consumers can get food delivered by choosing specific information about the delivery location. Some of the places getting added to UberEATS delivery are hospitals, parks and office buildings.

These features are literally a dream come true for frequent food orderers (yes, we exist). Look out boys, there’s a new sheriff in town!