UberEATS Is Looking To Expand Into 22 Countries By The End Of The Year

UberEATS, the food delivery service from car service company Uber is already present in America and now they’re looking to expand into 22 more countries by the end of the year.

According to a Reuters report, the company is going to spread into Europe and the Middle East first, and on Thursday, it starts service in Amsterdam, with Dubai, Johannesburg, and six other cities by year end. “UberEats is one (business) we feel incredibly confident is resonating across the world and resonating across the footprint of the cities in which Uber operates the transport business,” Jambu Palaniappan, head of UberEats for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.

Europe is definitely a busy hub for food delivery services in the world, and home to many active international players in the takeaway business. Currently, the biggest players in Europe are Just Eat from England and Delivery Hero as well as Takeaway.com from Germany, who help customers book orders and advertise local deliveries, while the restaurants themselves handle the delivery service.

Besides expanding into more markets, Uber is also adding more jobs with fresh hiring and aggressive marketing in preparation to take on local rivals in dozens of countries. This plan also includes 16 cities in 12 European countries from Moscow to Madrid, 11 new cities in Asia including Hong Kong and Jakarta and two of South Africa’s big cities as well.