UberEATS Has Its Own Show To Find Out ‘What India EATS’

UberEATS has entered the food delivery market in India, coming up again more established players like Swiggy and Zomato. However, Uber, being as industrious as it is, has come up with a unique way of promoting UberEATS. Employees of the Food Tech company have been producing short videos called “What India EATS“.

In these videos, Uber employees visit restaurants, interact with the owners, and, of course, get to sample some delicious food. The most impressive thing about these videos is that they are completely conceptualized, produced, and filmed by the employees themselves – no multi-million dollar production team there.

So far, What India EATS has six episodes out, spanning from a yoga cafe in Bengaluru to an all indulgent ice cream store in Delhi and, honestly, they’re entertaining to watch.

Marketing Done Right

“At Uber, we encourage our employees to try out new things and support ideas that they want to implement on behalf of the brand. What India Eats is one such campaign where a group of employees from Uber Eats team got together to create videos that tell the story behind restaurants on our platform in the most simple yet relatable way,” the UberEATS team says.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie, you’ll definitely recognize some the places What India Eats has visited so far. As a marketing campaign, we’ve got to say, this definitely is a slick one!