Two Kewpie Mayo Cafes Will Be Opening In Japan To Celebrate The Love of Mayonnaise

If you’re a fan of mayonnaise, then you’ve definitely heard of Kewpie. It’s a Japanese mayo that is loved by one and all in the country. Think of it like how Vegemite is loved in Australia, Kewpie is loved in Japan. It’s that huge.

So huge that the obsession has taken an interesting turn! Kewpie, the brand itself, announced that it will be opening “mayo cafes” in Tokyo and Nagoya, because why not! The dishes, as you’d expect will be dedicated to celebrating and enjoying Kewpie in all the ways possible. The Tokyo cafe will be open all through March and then the following Monday in April will see the opening of the Nagoya cafe, which will stay open all through that month. And all of this is happening to coincide with Mayonnaise Day which is March 1st (tomorrow!).

As they said on their website, “In recent years, mayonnaise has been spreading not only for salads but also for cooking, such as frying and baking. By offering a menu using mayonnaise in a “store” where you can actually taste it on the spot, we will deliver the appeal of mayonnaise that has eggs and umami that can be used for cooking.”


On the menu, there will be a slew of dishes that are made with or will require the use of mayo and honestly, we don’t see anything wrong with that. They’ve got mayo-marinated chicken, soft roasted eggs and omelet, sandwiches, salads and much more. And all will contain either flavoured or the original Kewpie mayo.

If you need another reason to visit Japan in the coming months, here it is.

Images: Kewpie official website