These Two Celebrities Are Releasing Their Cookbooks & We Can’t Keep Calm!

It’s a double whammy for aspiring chefs and cooking enthusiasts as two of our favourite culinary experts are launching their new cookbooks this September! Behold, all new cooking manuals penned by none other than Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver! *Dances in English*

Lawson will unveil her cookbook At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking, which speaks about and “celebrates home cooked recipes.

Speaking about her book, Lawson wrote, “The food in this book — that comes from my kitchen, is eaten at my table, and will be eaten at yours — is the food I have always loved cooking. It doesn’t require technique, dexterity or expertise, none of which I lay claim to. Life is complicated. Cooking doesn’t have to be”, she added of the cookbook that will be a celebration of home cooking, and of the meal and memories shared with family and friends.

Lawson’s book will carry recipes of comfort foods including the likes of chicken fricassee and sticky toffee pudding, and new twists on old classics: hummus is made with white miso, and Victoria sponge is spiced with cardamom, marmalade and crème fraiche. Other recipes include chicken and pea traybake, rose and pepper pavlova, emergency brownies and meatballs with orzo, reports Hindustan Times.

Image: Nigella Lawson

Meanwhile, Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food, will be a spin-off of his recently launched TV show of the same name, which piloted on UK’s Channel 4 on 21st August. True to its title, the show revolves around recipes that are easy, quick, and simple to make.

“After all these years, I’ve come up with a new way of cooking that has changed my life, and it’s going to take the stress out of yours, too,” Oliver announced in the pilot episode.

Image: Telegraph UK

That it’s a namesake, only suggests that Oliver’s book too will be designed on the same blueprint as the show. So for all those of you who want to skip long ingredient lists and hours in the kitchen, Oliver’s next cooking manuscript is one to watch out for!


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