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Two Burgers Better Than Extra Fries Says Nutritionist


Emily Field is a registered dietician and nutritionist who was interviewed by the Business Insider and according to her, balance is the key while choosing the right kind of meal and should be remembered before categorizing food into good and bad.

Balance Is The Key

Along with encouraging her clients to think about balance, Field also encourages people to focus on carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the food. Proteins are the fuel for the muscles and keeps one full, carbs give energy and fats helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. She encourages to keep a balance between these three food components.

“I want people to be able to approach any food, any situation, and know that they can still make a responsible choice for their body,” Field said in her conversation with Business Insider. A study published in the journal of Nutritional Metabolism backs her thoughts about balance as the various macronutrients regulate the blood sugar levels.

Swapping Another Burger For Fries

As an example, if a person eats a meal filled which mainly comprises of a cereal and hardly any or no protein, the blood sugar level drops as there is nothing to slow the breakdown the carbs into sugar. At such times, you’d observe that you get an energy boost only to be bogged down by fatigue. The cure is to add protein to this carb-rich diet. So ordering a bag of fries which are full of fats and carbs along with your burger, have another burger instead because thanks to the meat it will give you a protein boost and reduce the fats and carbs.

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