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Twitter’s Flipping Out Over This Bluetooth Saltshaker, What Do You Think? #POLL


It’s the age of technology and machinery that make our everyday lives easier, take these innovative kitchen gadgets for instance. But amidst a sea of useful gadgets come some technologically questionable works of science. Case in point, this banana phone. To give the fruit-shaped handset some company, there now exists a Bluetooth saltshaker, which we are not sure what to make of. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future!

So what is this kitchen utensil disguised as technology? Well, according to Food & Wine, the Smalt “is the first of its kind to market and will transform an ordinary kitchen tool that people have been using for centuries into an experience for the senses.” Basically, this “device” brings together a saltshaker and a Bluetooth speaker, to churn out a kitchen gadget that you didn’t really need but now exists.

What else can this magical work of science & tech do? Turns out, that apart from being your personal salt bae, the Smalt connects to your gadget via Bluetooth and streams music from your phone or any other connected device. Oh and, it also features revolutionary color changing lights that can drastically change the mood of your surroundings! Because, why not.

Needless to say, Twitter is having a ball! Take a look.


The gadget will soon be up for backing on Indiegogo, so there is no word on how much it will costs once (and if) it hits the market. However, no price can be too high for a product that seasons your food, relays some tunes, and sets the mood, right?

So what do you think? Does the world need Smalt? Yes or no? Let us know!

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