The Twitterati are Up In Arms About Possible Maggi Ban

At present the world is divided into two camps. The ones that love Maggi and are rapidly falling apart over the idea that it may be banned, and the ones that never cultivated a taste for it who are now walking around with smug, “I told you so expressions.” Twitter, it seems is more popular with the former half of people who are skillfully using 144 characters to rue the possibility of a world without Maggi. Can you empathize with any of the tweets below?

Let’s pull out our black dresses, cue up the sad music and mourn the demise of Maggi, the only true friend we had at three in the morning.

We’re crying right along with you.

Will we have to settle for Wai Wai now, which not only tastes substandard but appears to have a very lame sense of humor?

Like Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, some people are resorting to humour to get them through the pain. But we don’t see the tiny Messenger of God (MSG). We just see a pot of delicious noodles; a sight that may become extinct very soon. 

Others are trying to use logical persuasion to prevent the ban. We completely agree with you. 

We’re too old to learn how to cook anything else! And we don’t want to relinquish our ‘Chef’ title – we worked hard for that! 

While everyone else moans, some have sniffed out a business opportunity. Go and hoard!