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Tutorial: How To Preserve Lime Juice Without A Refrigerator


One of the great things about lemon juice is that the natural acidity prevents it from spoiling too fast. So it is naturally ready to be preserved and that’s one of the reasons why you can keep it outside the fridge for long periods of time without any trouble. But it’s important to have everything on hand before you actually start making your lime juice.

We got a question in our forums about how to preserve lime juice without a fridge and we thought that this would be a good time to answer all the questions.

What you’ll need

A large stockpot with a lid

1-2 glass jars, make sure they are the canning jars


Lemon squeezer

Here’s what you do


– Squeeze out the juice into a bowl, then pour the juice into the jars.

– Don’t pour the juice all the way to the top, leave a little space between the lid and the juice

– Close the lid tightly, the ring and cap of the jar need to be tightly linked

– Put the jar in the stockpot, or a deep enough dish with a lid

– Pour water over the jar and fill the pot, make sure that the jar should be covered by 1-2 inches of water.

– Cover the pot and then put it on the stove, boiling the water. This method allows the jars to be properly sealed. The amount of time the water needs to boil for it to seal also depends on the size of jar – 1000 & 500ml, it requires 5 minutes, 2 litres for 10 minutes and so on.

– Remove the jars from the water using tongs and let them cool at room temperature, which might take more than a few hours.

– When cool, press the center of the lid to see if it pops. If it does, then you need to redo the whole process to seal the juice. Otherwise you’re all set!