Tutorial: How To Make Coconut Milk At Home

It’s not exactly the easiest of methods, but it is definitely something that is worth doing at home just in case it is hard to find coconut milk in the store. Plus, freshly made coconut milk tastes better than the manufactured one, which will obviously have a few additives and preservatives for longer shelf life. Your homemade version is healthier and fresher, to name a few reasons why it’s better, but it’s also going to be made to your liking, instead of you adjusting the coconut milk you buy to make it into something else.

We recently got a question in our forums, asking how to easily extract coconut milk from the coconut, so to answer that question here’s what we’ve got for you.


First, you’re going to need freshly grated coconut and a few cups of water at room temperature.

1. Put all the grated coconut in a blender, add one cup of water to the coconut and blend on high till the coconut is nicely blended.

2. Using a cheesecloth or even a sieve and strain the blended coconut mixture through into a bowl.

3. Take the grated coconut residue back into the blender and add another cup of water and blend again.

4. Extract this using a cheesecloth into a bigger bowl, making this the second round of extraction.

5. And using the grated coconut residue, put it back into the blander with the remainder of the water for the third round of extraction and which will also be the thinnest coconut milk.

6. Blend and strain into the second bowl. You can choose to blend the two, or keep them all separate.

7. You can refrigerate the coconut milk and use it whenever, or use it right away for your cooking.

The first extract will always be the thickest, so use that for recipes that require thick coconut milk. The second and third extracts will be thinner, and you can either blend them together to make it thicker or keep them separate, depending on how you want to use the coconut milk.