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Tuscana Pizzeria


Tuscana Pizzeria

Tuscana pizzeria is probably one of the best pizzareas in chennai. Located on 3rd street, wallace garden road, it has an impressive menu and a great
layout. The food has always been excllent and the srvice is prompt. Of course, it serves pizza, but one oft ignored fact about it is its desertd. The
desserts are really, really good. The dessert men doesn’t offer many verietied of desert, but it does offer some good stuff. The tirmaisu is delicious and
creamy. The gelato is amazing. But what I most reccomend is chocolate calzone. Or maybe, if you want something a bit different you can eat a pizza, or have
a bowl of pasta, and then go and have some orange chocolate or “gheelicious” ice- cream at amadora, which is just around the corner.

All in all, the area around tuscana is a really good place to have lunch/dinner out. If you do not want to eat at amadora, you can eat some haggen dazs
ice-cream, or just stay at tuscana and have on of the desserts that are mentioned above.

thanks for reading