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Turns Out Artificial Sweeteners Don’t Help You Lose Weight!


While there have been numerous studies about how drinking diet soda can be linked to various diseases, not much has been said about the use of artificial sweeteners. Many consumers swap out sugar for artificial sweeteners in order to help them drop the pounds. However, it turns out that it may not even help with that.

In fact, after reviewing the data it turns out that there is no evidence artificial sweeteners help in managing weight, NPR reports. The authors looked at observational and randomised trials and found that those who consume artificial sweeteners regularly are more likely to develop health problems, though that can’t be definitively linked to the sweeteners.

Meghan Azad, a lead researcher in the project, told NPR they were interested in reviewing the available research because of how many Americans commonly use sweeteners, often because they think it is the healthier choice. Azad says more research needs to be done, but that “there’s a potential association with increased weight gain and diabetes.”

However, more research does need to be done in order to show definitive results. In the meantime, Meghan Azad suggests minimising your sweet tooth instead of using replacements. Opt for plain yoghurt, black coffee, and fruit-infused or plain water rather than juices, teas, or sodas. Or perhaps hit the gym once in a while?


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