Tupac Shakur’s 20th Death Anniversary Marked With Pop-Up Restaurant

20 years ago on this day, the music fraternity lost a great “playa”, Tupac Shakur. The American rapper gave us some excellent hits like Hit Em Up, California Love, Ghetto Gospel, and more. And while there is a plethora of conspiracy theories that pop-up each time the deceased artist would subsequently release new music, this time there is no room for the “conspiracy” ish as a 2pac-themed restaurants pops-up in California.   

Tupac-Shakur-022512Image: The Source

According to 2DopeBoyz, the restaurant was 2Pac’s dream. The rapper dreamt of opening a restaurant called Powamekka Cafe, where all the dishes on the menu would be inspired by his fellow rappers and artists could even include their own recipes. Shakur had also made some sketches and had a fair number of menu ideas lined up, which are exactly what the restaurant will bring to life.

2Pac’s sketches weren’t exactly detailed blueprints, but they did have a few solid ideas like naming the ladies’ and men’s’ room ‘Divaz’ and ‘Playaz’, respectively. It may not make much sense now, but 90’s American rap fanatics will understand. The rapper had even drafted a logo for the café, which California-based ‘Take 3’ has used in the pop-up restaurant.

The restaurant will also honour Shakur’s vision for the menu with dishes like “Thug Passion” cake pops, “Mac-and-Cheeseburgers” or even a “California Love” chicken sandwich. The celebrations at Powamekka start at 7pm on 13th September in Fresno, California.  

Nostalgic yet? We’ve got some more news for Pac lovers. A Tupac biopic is also set to hit theaters on November 11, 2016. A trailer for the project, which has been labeled All Eyez On Me. Watch the trailer below.


Feature Image: The Noise That Echoes