Trying Out The Delectable Bar Bites At The Newly Opened February 30

With an unconventional name, ambience and food, February 30 is all set to give you a lounge and dining experience like no other. Tucked away in the lanes of Oshiwara, this place has some terrific lighting, foot tapping music and a courteous staff. The menu is well planned and has immense variety. What’s commendable is that they’ve managed to fit in vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, Jain and gluten free options too. Here’s our take on the food.

Unconventional Food Date

Our trip to February 30 was a delightful experience for we found amazing flavours and a refreshing choice of dishes. Starting off with a  Thai Pomelo Salad, this was made with mock duck meat which had succulent feel of eating meat without the meat. So this was a big win for us for though we’re hardcore carnivores, we take a break once in a while too! Flavour-wise we have to commend the preparation of the Green Garlic Lollipops with Green Garlic Harissa. Though the Schezwan aspect was missing, this was no way any less in taste. In fact, it was a refreshing change.

Trying Out The Delectable Bar Bites At The Newly Opened February 30

While enjoying the refreshing cocktails here at February 30 we enjoyed their amazing bar bites. What we loved was the Mezze Platter which instead of the done and dusted pita bread, had a zaatar pie instead. To dip into were delicious Hummus, Muhammara, Moutabel. We also loved their Peri Peri Mantou Buns which were packed with Asian Greens. The buns were soft and made in-house with peri peri so it packed a punch.

Last and not the least were the Donor Seekh Kebabs followed by an aromatic main course. The kebabs were Indianised using the popular donor masala used in the Middle East. We also relished every bit of the Thai Panang Curry with Jasmine Rice at February 30. For all those living close-by must give this place a try for refreshing cocktails and unbelievably good bar bites.