Try A Unique Combination Of Khichdi With Cocktail At This Bar In Mumbai
January 31, 2018
Shruti Anand (1208 articles)

Try A Unique Combination Of Khichdi With Cocktail At This Bar In Mumbai

Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food and detoxifies your body like nothing else would. It has received global recognition as the ‘Brand India’ food. So why not try something new with our favourite delicacy?

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For all you party animals, here’s a great combination that you might find odd at first but if you try it you might want to get on board. It is khichdi and your favourite cocktail. Enjoy a piping hot, heart-warming tiffin khichdi which is perfect for the winters along with your favourite drink at Agent Jack’s Bar. It’s that perfect dish to have when you’ve had a few drinks and are hungry but need something light and comforting.

Have fun at Agent Jack’s Bar as you bid for your drink price and enjoy delicious food like the khichdi of course plus their specials like Palle Di Potato, Fish Fingers, Chicken Chilly, Chicken Afghani or even a sumptuous Butter Chicken Biryani.

Location: Outlets Across Mumbai

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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