You Can Try Tippy Cow Rum Cream In Your Coffee Because Milk Is So Passe


You would think that your daily cuppa couldn’t get any better right? Not so! Tippy Cow has come out with a whole line of rum cream that will give you that extra buzz to start your day right. Say goodbye to mopey Monday mornings with Tippy Cow’s Rum Cream that can actually get you tipsy.

What It Tastes Like And How You Can Get It

The rum cream comes in four delectable flavours: Chocolate, Shamrock Mint, Vanilla Soft Serve, and Orange Cream and has a 14% percent alcohol volume so drink it during work hours at your own peril. If you’re not a coffee or tea drinker, for that matter, have no fear as you’ll still be able to try out Tippy Cow Rum Cream in milkshakes, cocktails, hot chocolate and more (if you’ve got a good imagination).

While Tippy Cow may not have gotten a lot of online traction so far, have no fear, because social media users sure are buzzing about the brand with one user stating that it tastes like ‘liquid ice cream’ (boozy liquid ice cream, more like).

It may be a tad difficult to get your hands on a bottle of Tippy Cow at the moment as it currently only sells in certain states in America and through a few online retailers. Hopefully, they come to India soon, boozy chai and coffee? That would be a game changer!