Try This Unbelievably Tasty Combination Of Butter Chicken & Naan In Gurgaon!

Just when you believe all possible combinations of chicken have been made already, there comes a dish which not only uses up creativity but also leaves the people craving for more. Gravity presents, Butter Chicken Croquette, the exact dish you’ve been looking for! With thin strands of roasted chicken glazed with tomato makhani, formed into a sphere, fried and served with Makhani splash and garlic naan croquette, the dish leaves you asking for more. The roasted chicken has been carefully put together and is served to give you the feeling of extra love and richness in a dish. So when are you visiting Gravity and ordering yourself one Butter Chicken Croquette?

Address-  Plot 6 & 7, Sector 29, Gurgaon
For reservations: 85120 72412
Timings: 12 noon- 12 midnight 
Cost : Rs  365 plus taxes 
Meal for two: Rs 1500 plus taxes


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