Try These Indian Dishes To Feel Like A Bollywood Celebrity

Indian Cuisine has so many variations reflecting the culture and food for us lies in the core of our heart. But there is something else engraved in our hearts too, Bollywood. Our celebrities have distinct tastes in food – from the exotic biryani to a simple homestyle bhindi ki sabzi – our B-Town bigwigs have the most peculiar tastes in dishes.

Here are a few dishes that tickles their fancy and might tickle yours too. 

Salman Khan – Biryani 

Who doesn’t love Biryani? This enigmatic Mughlai dish is the favourite of so many Indians and Salman Khan, apparently, cannot stay without it. He prefers the aromatic and well spiced version of Biryani made by his mother, Salma. 

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Amitabh Bachchan – Bhindi ki Sabzi (Indian Sautéed Ladyfinger)

No one can resist home cooked food, especially when we are miles away from one. Similarly, our Big B, who hails from Allahabad, enjoys a nice plate of Masala Bhindi and Moong Dal often. Rumours has it that he orders the same on his film sets as well.

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Bipasha Basu – Sorshe Ilish

Bengali cuisine is exceptional when it comes to varieties of cooking and elements involved in it. It is tasty and in some cases, healthy. Bipasha’s favourite food is Sorshe Ilish, fish cooked in mustard gravy and served with steamed rice.

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Priyanka Chopra – Makke di Roti

Even with her choice of food, Priyanka Chopra is health conscious. Being a hardcore Punjabi, she often munches on Makke di Roti with Sarso da Saag. This is a perfect combination for those chilly evenings in Bangalore. With loads of nutritional properties, this dish is probably the healthiest one.

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Shahrukh Khan – Kebabs

The Baadshah of Bollywood is adored by almost every Indian, but what he adores the most is a frequent platter of chicken kebabs for his lunch. King Khan savours this Mughlai dish almost every other day, and why not? Kebabs are the best starters for any meal.

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Akshay Kumar – Thai Green Curry

Akshay Kumar was trained as a chef in Thailand, which makes his favourite food not a surprise. The Khiladi star enjoys his weekend dinners with a nice plate of spicy and rich Thai Green Curry with aromatic Sticky Rice.

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Aamir Khan – Mughlai Cuisine

For the perfectionist Aamir Khan, Mughlai Cuisine is his kryptonite. Prepared by the finest chefs of the Mughal Empire for their emperors, this cuisine is filled with colour and flavours. From the royal Badshahi Biryani to the simple yet delicious Murg Tikka, Aamir Khan eats and savours them all.

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Mughlai Food

Abhishek Bachchan – Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal could be considered the staple of all North Indians. Every household has it’s own renditions of this epic dish. Abhishek Bachchan is peculiarly fond of Rajma Chawal. He enjoys the spicier version of it with hot steamed rice and a bowl of creamy pudina raita.

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rajma chawal