Try Roosh Infusions By Café Coffee Day To Warm Your Senses This Winter

Available across the Café Coffee Day outlets, Rainbow Roosh Infusions are here to soothe your senses with their flavour. The ingredients chosen for the infusions are picked from the best that Mother Nature has to offer. These infusions are ones that you’d love to sit back with this winter season and feel rejuvenated.

Blending In Health And Wellness

The Roosh infusions by Cafe Coffee Day include ingredients like chamomile, mint, hibiscus, sea buckthorn and butterfly pea flower, and so on. These ingredients are known for their stress busting qualities. Depending on the mood in which you’d like to be – calm your senses, feel refreshed or simply jump back to life, you can pick your infusion. Feeling low? Simply sip on Revive which is packed with butterfly pea flower that will help perk up your mood and bring you into zen mode. Had a bad day? Try Reverse which is infused with hibiscus and elderberry extracts that’ll help bring a smile to your face.

Perfect after a tiring day is Café Coffee Day’s Simmer infused with Bluebell vine and to get your peppy-self back try their Glide that gives a burst of peppermint leaving you refreshed. Chamomile is known to soothe anxieties. Chamomile is blended with lemon oils in Enliven which will surely take away your stress. Lost focus? Try the citrusy drink, Intensify packed with essence of sea buckthorn that’ll help you concentrate better. Last but not the least get your enthusiasm back or rather, give it a boost with Arise. Power packed with the goodness of the good old pomegranate, this will help you feel full of energy.