Try Out The Delicious Faux Pas Menu At Door No.1 In Mumbai

Try Out The Delicious Faux Pas Menu At Door No.1 In Mumbai

Door No. 1 – The Retro Bar is going to complete two whole years this December and with keeping the retro feels alive in Mumbai, the owners, Mihir Bijur and Vishesh Khanna have surely made an impression. One can find delicious comfort food, the old school music that the 90s kids have grown up on and of course sassy drinks too!

The Retro Feels

The Thursday nights are when the old school Bollywood music plays and the owners find people lose their inhibitions and dance on ‘Khayke Paan Banaras Wala’ with all cares in the air. You’ll also find Door No. 1 hosting a variety of live nights on all days. We had visited on Wednesday which was the English Karaoke Night. Meanwhile, Mumbai’s Retro King DJ Russel plays till the events begin. So one can always find music of their liking at this homely retro bar and we’re sure to return soon for this factor alone.

Though the restaurant maintains the old school feels, their décor is comfortable and modern. The simple fact that a table can be booked with a 360 degree navigation device says a lot. Mesmerised by all the detailing we could see how much effort and dedication has gone in making this the Best Retro Bar in West India, a title bestowed on them by Indian Restaurant Awards 2018.

The Faux Pas Menu

Door No. 1 – The Retro Bar has a lot of quirks going on in their menu which is packed with comfort food options. You can enjoy their drinks and food at Rs.99 between 5 to 8 PM. They’ve got a Chakna Menu, Munchies, Single’s Faux Pas and a whole lot of choices to go with your drinks. I picked the Maggie Et Al and Mihir’s Faux Pas enjoying these sassy dishes with the classic Old Monk with Coke.

Maggie Et Al is nothing but maggi masala served along with Pav Bhaji. It turned out to be a lovely combination and goes brilliantly if you’ve landed up here on a rainy day. What better than piping hot maggi and a spicy bhaji to make your day right? This is the sole reason that this dish is one of their most popular one on the menu.

Now let’s talk a little about the dish I was most skeptical about – Mihir’s Faux Pas. I couldn’t imagine chakli going well with sambar but wasn’t I surprised and happy to be proved wrong. The dish worked beautifully and Mihir said it was because the sambar was tangy and the use of butter chakli is the key to this faux pas. Garnished with raw onions and doused in Sambar, we loved the crunchy chakli and actually liked it better than the maggi.

We can’t wait to try more food and have a gala time at Door No. 1 – The Retro Bar and are sure that you’d want to go soon too. Do let us know your experience in the comments below!