Would You Try The New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza? #POLL

2016 may have received major flak for being the worst year since the birth of Christ. Whether it was the Presidential elections, our favourite primate being inhumanly killed, a number of shootings, and terror strikes, the year was nothing short of a big 365-day disaster. But despite all that, the food industry remained dedicated to surprising, pleasing, and making us smile with their new innovations.

The year saw a delicious influx of food trends like the raindrop cake, pizza delivery drones, freakshakes, new healthier diets, tater tots, oreo candy, cotton candy ice cream, and the likes. And the newest one to join the list just before the year wraps up is a flaming hot Cheetos pizza. And the dish is exactly what it sounds like!

Thanks to Ameci’s Pizza Kitchen in Burbank, California, foodie can combine their love for flaming hot Cheetos and delicious cheesy pizza. Known as the ‘Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza’, the preparation has a marinara base topped with lots of cheese and crushed Cheetos oven baked-to perfection. And as if the description wasn’t enough to warn your spice buds, the pizza is a dangerous red in appearance.

cheetos-pizzaImage: Reddit

 Moreover, Ameci’s is best known for using slices of mozzarella cheese rather than shredded, leaving for some of the most beautiful cheese pulls ever. Once the pie is fully baked, whole pieces of the spicy snack are layered on top. The end result is a marvelous pizza stacked with two layers of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. *Drinks water in anticipation*

So, Cheetos and pizza lovers, would you try this dangerously fiery Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza? Cast your votes below!