You Have To Try This Eleven Inspired Stranger Things Cupcake Doughnut

We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Stranger Things Season Two on Netflix ever since Eleven stepped off the screen and into our lives. Finally, the blessed day has arrived and what better way to celebrate than with an awesome Eleven themed cupcake!

The Doughnut Project has come out with an awesome line of Halloween themed doughnuts, and what would Halloween be without a nod to Stranger Things?

Here’s what’s in it

It’s a mini maple-glazed doughnut that’s been topped with a tiny Eggo waffle and then covered with a thin raspberry drizzle. The doughnut’s size mimics her small stature, the Eggo addition paying homage to her favorite food, and the raspberry drizzle addition is a clever nod to her bloody nose susceptibility. The glaze is also pink, like the dress that Eleven wears throughout the first season.

However, you’ll have to hurry if you want to get your hands on Doughnut Eleven, they’ll only be available until the 31st of October at The Doughnut Project’s Manhattan location. Hurry!