Try BG’s Poolside Bar & Grill’s Cracking New Menu At Courtyard by Marriott
January 18, 2018
Christina George (1447 articles)

Try BG’s Poolside Bar & Grill’s Cracking New Menu At Courtyard by Marriott

There’s nothing like a relaxing meal by the pool after an exhausting day, perhaps paired with a beer or two. BG’s Poolside Bar & Grill combines delicious food with gorgeous ambiance and they’ve just taken it to the next level with a cracking new menu that you’ll definitely want to try out!

Led by Executive Chef Sudhir Nair, the culinary team has whipped an array of dishes to whet your appetite! Some of the new inclusions to watch out for are Crumbed Mustard Chicken with Garlic Tossed Spaghetti and Salsa, Seared Salmon with Soba Noodles, Sauteed Greens and Dashi, Prawn Caesar Salad and Mesclun Salad.

Pair these delightful flavors with soothing music, and an impeccable range of wines and spirits for a perfect dining experience that will leave your stomach full and your soul content.

Time: Monday to Thursday and Saturday – 5:00 PM to 12:45 AM | Friday – 3:00 PM to 12:45 AM

Place: BG’s Poolside Bar & Grill, Courtyard by Marriott

For Reservations: Call- +91 99867 49071

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