Try These 7 Oreo Treats That Are Absolutely Perfect For Oreo Day

Most people believe that there is only one thing you can do with Oreo cookies, but the truth is that you can do pretty much anything you want with Oreo cookies. They are tasty on their own, they go well with milk, they work really nicely as toppings and even as a midnight snack. But the world is your Oreo when it comes to making delicious (and great looking) desserts with Oreo cookies.

When you go to a coffee shop or a bakery and they offer you a ‘cookies and cream’ dessert, it’s usually made out of Oreos. The cookie and the cream of the Oreo are blended together with the other ingredients to give you a tasty treat. But instead of going out to enjoy these Oreo treats, why not make them at home? Some of them require time, but most of them will take you less than an hour to prepare and serve. And when you’re bored and hungry during the weekend, you can just whip it all together and stick it in your fridge to enjoy later.

Here are a few dishes you can try. We’ve broken down the method as much as possible, to help you make the treat in the comfort of your home.

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes


The base is just crushed Oreo cookies blended with butter. Once you’ve lined the bottom of your tray with the crumbled cookies, stick it in the fridge to chill. Crumble some more cookies, add the cream cheese and blend it nicely till it’s more or less smooth. The only lumpy bits should be the cookie pieces that are still in the mix. Add the cheesecake mix to the top of the crust and put the tray back in the fridge for a few hours. You can add some whipped cream and a cookie or just crumble for garnishing before you serve.


Oreo Bars


Like you did with the cheesecake, the base is made of crushed cookies blended with butter. Melt some white chocolate and mix it with cream cheese before you add some more chopped/crumbled cookies into the mix. Using a spatula, just mix it all nicely together and then spread it over the crust evenly. Add some more chopped Oreo cookies to the top and then chill for two hours. And for garnishing, just drizzle some melted chocolate or chocolate sauce over the top before you cut and serve.


Oreo Brownies


This can be an easy or a difficult recipe, depending on how you feel about baking brownies. The easy way would be to get brownie mix, which is a cheat but it still does the job and cuts down the amount of time you’re going to be spending making this dish. Prepare the brownie mix in a large bowl, add one layer to the bottom of the pan, then add a layer of Oreo cookies and finish off the brownie mix on top of that. Bake for about an hour and then they’re ready to serve. They’ll go well with ice cream, whipped cream or just a glass of milk!


Oreo Cupcakes


If you’re not comfortable baking a cake from scratch, the cake mix is the best thing to use. And you can get any flavoured cake mix to use for this. Once you’ve placed your cupcake liners in the tray, add a cookie to the bottom so that the base of your cupcake is crunchy. Fill with cake mix and put in the oven. Once the cake is ready, take the cupcakes out and set them on a cooling tray while you make your frosting (which can also include crumbled Oreos!), then pipe the top of your cupcakes and voila, all done.


Oreo Krispies


Traditionally the base is made from Rice Krispie cereal, but if you can’t find that you can use just any cereal or alternatively you can use crushed Oreo cookies keeping it rich in flavour and crunch! Heat up the marshmallows and butter till the marshmallows are small lumps, then add this mixture to the crushed cookies and nicely mix it all together. Then spread this out into a pan and let it sit till cooled. Once ready, cut and serve.


Oreo Milkshake


Blend Oreo cookies with milk and (softened) ice cream till smooth and then fill up a glass lined with chocolate syrup. Top it up with some whipped cream, if you wish, and some chopped cookies. There’s no such thing as too many Oreos anyway.

Oreo Truffles


Blend chopped Oreo cookies with cream cheese till smooth, then shape them into small balls and freeze for a few minutes. Melt some chocolate and dip the balls into the chocolate and set aside. Sprinkle with crumbled cookies and refrigerate for an hour or so and then serve.

If you’ve got an Oreo dessert that you love and think we should have mentioned, let us know in the comments below!