The Truth About Applebee’s Dollarita Is Out, And It Ain’t Pretty
October 12, 2017
Christina George (1177 articles)

The Truth About Applebee’s Dollarita Is Out, And It Ain’t Pretty

Understandably, we were all excited when Applebee’s announced that they would be selling $1 margaritas for the whole of October. Christened the Dollarita, Americans were certain that October would be a good month. And, honestly, who wouldn’t be? That’s $1 for an alcoholic beverage, that’s only 65 Rupees!

While I was writing the article, I had a distinct feeling that it was too good to be true. Unfortunately, thanks to a leaked video by an employee (possibly an ex-employee), we can now determine, without a shadow of a doubt that it most certainly was too good to be true.

You can check out the video of how a dollarita is made, below.

Obviously, Twitter was enraged, as it turns out the dollarita isn’t much more than some sort of margarita mix, really cheap tequila, and a suspicious amount of water. However, as many Twitter users pointed out, you’re paying $1 for a drink, so don’t tell me you were expecting top-shelf tequila and mixologist.

I guess the moral of the story is that you get what you pay for!

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Christina George

Christina George

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