Trump’s Businesses Received A Good Chunk From The Campaign Kitty

Donald Trump’s reign as President of the United States has been off to a rather bumpy start – of course, Trump doesn’t think the same – but according to recent reports, the bumps had been developing way before he took over the Oval office. As Politico reports, the Trump campaign paid his companies nearly $13 million for everything ranging from office space to private jet service — including $219,000 (INR 14,892,000) on Trump restaurants.



The Federal Election Commission just released its financial records that state that the campaign spending includes $78,000 that went to Trump Restaurants, LLC for meals and catering, and another $141,000 to the same company for “rent and utilities.” Further, the campaign kitty also pitched out $608 at the Trump Grill, $94 at the Trump Café, and more.

Moreover, a whopping $32,000 was cashed by Eric Trump’s Virginia vineyard for “facilities rental and catering.” Trump also apparently has a company called Trump Ice, which billed the campaign $3,400 for beverages and “office supplies.”

And this is just the long and short of it. Apart from his restaurants and wineries, quite a prominent sum has also been spent at/on a plethora Trump ventures. Take a look:



Source: Eater