Trump Fans Have A New Way Of Showing Their Love For Mr. President-Elect

And no, it does not involve any big macs, taco bowls or steaks. In fact, this time it’s all the Starbucks baristas who are involved. Also, there is something about Starbucks and Christmas controversies! Last year it was their “not-christmasy-enough” red cups and this year the cups are apparently not Democratic enough. Well, some of them.

So, rumor social media has it that all Donald Trump campaign supporters are going out getting ‘Trump’ scribbled across their coffee cups to show their love for the new president-elect. It all started early last week when a man in Miami was captured yelling, “Trump!” at a barista because he felt his latte wasn’t made quickly enough. Following that, a number of fans came out in support for Trump with the #TrumpCup hashtag to make a statement about discrimination against Republicans.

Although some baristas heeded to the customers’ political request, some have been reluctant in following the trend. Before the election, a video started circulating of a Trump supporter asking a Starbucks employee to write “Trump.” In the video, the barista is seen refusing, and a coworker is seen apparently calling the police, reports Delish. Of course, the video caused major outrage online. Conservatives argued that it was “discrimination against their political beliefs.”

The idea behind the trend is to highlight all the discrimination Trump supporters are facing. “All these businesses are discriminating against Trump supporters,” said Buzzfeed employee Timothy Treadstone (Twitter handle @bakedalaska), who was formerly in the spotlight for his Trump tattoo. “We’re not taking this anymore”, he added.

Okay so let me get this straight. Donald Trump supporters are standing up against the discrimination happening against them? THE IRONY!giphy (7)